Parktoren Pharos

Located on Loevesteinlaan in The Hague, the 23-storey apartment complex Pharos is a landmark that can be seen for miles around. In addition to its owner-occupied apartments, Pharos has 72 apartments available for rent. The spacious Pharos apartments (100 to 110 m2) feature large windows and luxurious kitchens and bathrooms, generously sized living rooms, 2 bedrooms, and large balconies. Each apartment also has its own parking space in Pharos’ private parking garage.

To live in Pharos means to live in an apartment in a central location with a sweeping view of the entire city and excellent accessibility. From Pharos, the business and political centre of The Hague is only a quick commute away - and whether that short trip is made by public transport, bicycle or car is entirely up to you.


  • 72 rental apartments
  • Living spaces of 100 to 110 m2
  • Two bedroom apartments
  • Large balconies
  • Parking and personal storage in the private parking garage
  • Energy performance ratings: A and B
  • Facilities within walking distance